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Custom Group Program

GPI US understands that every group can be vastly different due to their education system, culture, English level, academic focus, and more.

The program for one group may not fit the needs and have the academic focus desired from another group. With information about the group’s demographic, English level, accommodation preference, desired program length, program focus, and requested location to visit, GPI US will meticulously tailor an impactful learning experience for your group.

Our team is trained to suggest existing programs, adjusted accordingly, that would best fit the needs of your group. If our existing programs do not precisely fit your needs, we are also skilled in preparing custom-designed programs.

Please see a sample of requests previously incorporated into our programs:

Program Focus – Global Education, STEM, Arts & Humanities, Sports Education, Agriculture, University Prep, Enhance English Skill, etc.

Group Demographic – Elementary School, Middle School, High School, University Students, Professionals, etc.

Accommodation Preference – University Dormitory, Boarding High School, Youth Hostel, Home Stay, Hotel, etc.

Program Duration – 4 Days, 1 week, 14 days, etc.

Visiting Location – Boston, Princeton, Cambridge, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Davis, Stanford, Washington D.C., etc.

For more information, please contact us.

Other Programs

Global Empowerment Mindset (GEM) Program

The GEM Program is centered around the concept of personal empowerment. GEM sessions form a highly interactive environment by incorporating inquiry-based learning, discussion-based learning, and active learning strategies. Gem Sessions are conducted fully in English and lead by an instructor with group leaders who lead small group discussions.

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GEM at Claremont Colleges

GEM at Claremont Colleges is developed and operated in collaboration with the Drucker Institute, a social enterprise that is a part of Claremont Graduate University. The program contains three Drucker for Future Leaders (DFL) sessions that is run by the Drucker Institute as well as GEM sessions. DFL teaches management and leadership skills based on the teachings of Peter F. Drucker.

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Active ESL

The Active ESL program utilizes active learning strategies to increase language communication and listening skills in an engaging and rewarding manner. Program instructors are mindful of the diverse language abilities of students and are effective in enabling students to take initiative. Instructors also have the support of qualified university students, who take on the mentoring role of group leader, to ensure more individualized attention for each student.

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Girl Power

The Girl Power! in Seattle program uses English as second language (ESL) lessons, activities, and field trips to provide teenage girls with the opportunity to explore what girl power is, build their confidence as a woman, and gain insight on how they can thrive in the global world and their future.

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Social Entrepreneurship Program with the Drucker Institute

Social Entrepreneurship Program with the Drucker Institute offers a rare opportunity for university students to engage with some of the most essential tools for leadership and management as developed by Peter Drucker the “father of modern management.” At the heart of this program lie the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, an area which, alongside the corporate and public sectors, Drucker deemed essential to any functioning society.

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