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About GPI US

Empowering today's youth to thrive in a global world

We believe our core strength lies in our ability to continually develop creative and innovative educational services that reflect both the present opportunities and future potential of our globalized world.  Our in-house Global Education team constantly searches for ways to improve our programs and services by monitoring the latest trends and developments and incorporating these into our offerings.  Through our nation-wide network across Japan and our regional offices in major urban centers on both the West and East Coasts, we can provide a range of specialized services and customized programs by taking advantage of the extensive network we have built over years of collaborating closely with schools and universities throughout the US and Japan.

Each one of our staff is very passionate about global education because they have experienced firsthand the transformative nature and lifelong benefits of learning in a new language and culture. Our staff works closely with our extensive network of educators, scholars, entrepreneurs, and artists, who share our vision of supporting and empowering the next generation.  By leveraging this network, we have been able to incorporate their expertise to develop truly unique, innovative and tailored programs for our students.

We believe that the combination of our caring and dedicated staff, future focused group of experts, and clear vision for how to help our students thrive in a time of great change, we can inspire and empower the next generation.  We are grateful for the opportunity to support young people, who inspire us to continually strive to improve our programs and services so that we remain at the forefront of global education.


GPI US continues the mission originally set forth by ISA, its parent company in Japan, almost 50 years ago.  GPI US works closely with ISA to promote global education by providing young people with unique global learning experiences that enrich their lives and inform their futures.  As an integral part of the ISA Group, GPI US was founded in 2012 to develop innovative educational programs and services that incorporate the most effective and successful educational practices including the widespread usage of liberal arts curricula, the expansion of progressive education, and the proliferation of the active learning method in classrooms.  Over four decades, more than 400,000 people and 600 secondary schools and universities have participated in ISA programs. We hope to continue this successful partnership by expanding the types of programs and services to meet the needs of students from around the world who are eager to be better equipped to engage an increasingly globalized world.

A Message from the CEO

Chikara Kurahashi

Studying and living abroad changed me in so many more ways than I could have imagined when I first left Japan to move to the US to continue my education. My experiences at a liberal arts college in Southern California exposed me to new ways of thinking and understanding the world.  Even more importantly, my eyes opened to the many possibilities and options available to me to explore and discover. As the CEO of GPI US, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to provide the next generation with these kinds of life-changing opportunities that were instrumental in shaping my future. Our organization acts as a vehicle for educators who not only share this same passion and desire, but also who want to provide their students with opportunities that set them up for success in this highly global world.

As the world changes, we aim to understand these new challenges and embrace these possibilities.  Our programs and services are continually adjusted to deal with our shifting world and provide potential solutions to the issues facing the younger generation from the perspective of global education.

Our core mission has been and always will be “empowering today’s youth to thrive in a global world.”  We are confident that our globalizing world will provide a multitude of opportunities for those students ready to navigate a more dynamic and complex world.  Our role is to help them realize their potential by equipping them with the skills to capitalize on these opportunities and the strategies to pilot their future.  Through our programs and services, students are able to explore their passions and build self-confidence to pursue their dreams and goals.

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