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Empowering today's youth to thrive in a global world

GPI US provides educational programs in the United States, aimed to develop the life skills needed to succeed in today's competitive society. All of our programs teach leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, and comprehensive English communication. Our programs maximize the student’s experience by providing interaction through thought-provoking seminars, engaging classes, cultural excursions, conversations with peers, global awareness, and practical discussions with faculty and student advisors.


GPI US is a subsidiary of ISA, a Japanese company, developed by Masaru Kurahashi in 1970 to promote global education by providing young people with global learning experiences for cultivation and development of their future. Services include short-term and long-term programs in the US for Japanese students, programs in Japan for US students, and global education innovation support for educational institutions. GPI US was founded in 2012 to address the much needed presence of a US based office. Additional offices were then established to facilitate the growing interest of study abroad programs in the US from Japanese students.

A Message from the CEO:

I believe we can empower the future generation to thrive in the global world by helping them build self-confidence and find their passion to pursue their dreams/goals.

It is critical because young people have many opportunities to be successful in global society in their future. Their passion will guide them to find an opportunity. And, their self-confidence will enable them to take that opportunity.

We provide students with opportunities to experience global society through their interactions with people from different cultures. Students develop intercultural understanding and communication skills through our programs. Most importantly, they learn first-hand how they can be a part of and contribute to the global society.

Through exposure to new experiences and many kinds of people, students can build their self-confidence and find their own passion. Intercultural experiences, in particular, give students insights into their passion and the ability to communicate and connect with people from different parts of the world, which helps them build their self-confidence.

We believe that students greatly benefit from these experiences from a young age, yet we realize that not everyone has access to or the resources to meet and learn with people from around the world.

We, therefore, bring intercultural experiences directly to our students by providing public and private secondary schools in the US and Japan and their students intercultural and global experiences. Through GPI US’s parent company, ISA in Japan, we work with hundreds of public and private schools throughout Japan from the elementary to university level. By leveraging our national network in Japan and our regional offices in Boston, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, we believe we are actively contributing to the goal of educating young people to thrive in a more global and multicultural world.



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